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  • 3/2/2010: The first DVD review of our movie "King 'n' Me" goes online today from ElvisInfoNet in Australia. Full review here:  King DVD Review

  • 2/8/2010: "When The Hammer Falls" gets the greenlight for Spring production. Project updates, when available, can be found here:  "When The Hammer Falls"

  • 2/1/2010: The 1000 Pounds of Thrust Video "Walking Dead" is now available for viewing on YouTube. You can watch it right here: "Walking Dead"

  • 1/29/2010: The world premiere of "e." is tomorrow night, Saturday 1/30, to benefit the Haitian relief efforts. Facebook event right here:  "e." premiere event

  • 12/20/2009: The feature film "King 'n' Me" is now available through Video On-Demand at for $2.99! Check it out here:  Watch "King 'n' Me" Now!

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